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Coming Soon and Don’t Miss These Deals!

By on Sunday, Jun 30, 2024 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

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I’m excited to let you know that I’ve got a brand new holiday romance coming October 4th. Please check it out below and add it to your Goodreads To Read list!


                      She invented Mr. Right…just in time for the holidays.

 Every tangled web starts with one tiny white lie. The kind you spin when you’re desperate.

One day I, Mia D’Angelo, third-year pediatric resident, was telling my mom that I’d finally met the perfect guy. Gushing about how amazing he was. And how happy I was.

It was all true. Until my “perfect guy,” Dr. Braxton Hughes, turned out to be my co-worker and my only competitor for a spot in the best practice in town…and then suddenly I was dumped…again. But I kept going with the stories, to get her through a very tough time.

My mom’s health crisis ended, and just when I thought things had settled down, my family wanted to meet my wonderful boyfriend for Christmas.

So I asked (okay, begged) just about every male I knew under forty, except of course for Brax.

Brax is an amazing pediatrician, but he would never fit the bill as a boyfriend. Maybe in looks. And charm. And his big heart. The problem is that he’s the biggest commitment-phobe this side of the Mississippi.

He’s the kind of guy I would definitely never take home for Christmas. There’d be no kissin’ under the mistletoe, no canoodling under the tree—because my heart could not survive falling for him again.

My car is packed and I’m down to no one, when magically, there he is, duffle in hand, melt-me smile on his face.

Oh, joy.

Keeping it professional is going to be a whole lot harder than I thought. Especially when he charms my parents, my whole family, and even my dog.

And Dr. Wrong…well, he’s suddenly looking awfully right.

* * *

In my words…

Take Me Home for Christmas is a heartwarming and humorous story about a pediatric resident who will do just about anything for her family – and a man who grew up without one. It’s also much more than a fun “fake boyfriend” romance…Mia’s journey is about finding the courage to step into her own destiny. Hope you enjoy the swoony romance and the holiday cheer…and that you enjoy Mia and Brax’s path to happily-ever-after as much as I did writing it!



One Day $1.99 Sale

Coming Home to Seashell Harbor will be a Kindle Daily Deal on Monday, July 8th. It will be $1.99 at Amazon and all other e-retailers.

This is a great chance to start this fun series about 3 best friends who grew up together in a beach town as they navigate their lives and loves.



Booksweeps Women’s Fiction Contest

Here’s a Booksweeps Contest for you featuring Women’s Fiction/Beach Fiction titles. My book Sea Glass Summer is entered (Seashell Harbor #2), in anticipation of its small paperback release, coming July 23rd. You can check out all the titles by clicking the graphic below.

“Soul-stirring…a sweet, sensitive charmer.”

~ Publishers Weekly


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Have a wonderful summer!


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