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A moving, uplifting novel about motherhood, starting over, and an unexpected summer romance…

Kit Blakemore is ready to live again. After her husband died while serving in the military, she was in a haze of grief. Now she wants to reclaim her former self—finish her degree and find a better career to provide for their sweet little boy, Oliver. To do that, she’ll need to sell her late husband’s dilapidated Victorian in Seashell Harbor. But first, Kit intends to give Ollie the kind of unforgettable seaside summer she had growing up, making lifelong memories and friendships.

Of course, nothing goes exactly as she planned. Ollie is struggling with his confidence, and frankly, so is Kit. But everything changes when her husband’s best friend, Alex de la Cruz, returns to town, offering to help her renovate. She doesn’t expect Alex to temporarily move in…or for him to bond with Ollie…or for her numb heart to begin thawing. Slowly he’s helping Kit and Ollie heal, and it scares her to death.

Kit swore she wouldn’t leave herself open to the pain of loss again. But if she’s going to teach her son to be brave and move forward, Kit must first face her own fears.

What the Critics are Saying…

“Soul stirring…Liasson brings great emotion and a sense of immediacy to the love story that will hook readers (in this) sweet, sensitive charmer.”

— Publishers Weekly

”It will make you laugh, cry, and feel every emotion in between.”

“Beautifully told with characters that charm and steal your heart.”

“A story of love, loss, and second chances.”

“This is my absolute favorite book Ms. Liasson has ever written.”

Sea Glass Summer Fits into These Romance Categories

  • Contemporary romance
  • Women’s fiction series
  • Second chance romance
  • Enemies to lovers