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What Leslie Dow Learned from Lori Wilde–a post from Savvy Authors

By on Tuesday, Mar 8, 2011 in Craft | 0 comments

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Aspiring autrhor Leslie Dow did a post on Savvy Authors today about being savvy in the business of writing called “What I Learned from Lori Wilde.” Lori offers a write-a-novel-in-six-months class through Savvy U.that Leslie took and enjoyed a lot.

You can read Leslie’s full post at Savvy Authors here.

Pearls from this post follow.  Lori says, “Your writing is neither as bad as you fear nor as good as you hope.”  The truth is likely somewhere in between and can be controlled by hard work and perserverance in honing your craft.  Writing is a businesss in which an author produces a product for the marketplace.  You can produce the finest writing in the world, but if there’s no market, you have no sale.   Study and apply techniques from authors who are at the top of their genre.  And network, even if you are the world’s greatest introvert.  It takes people besides ourselves sitting day in and out at your keyboard to succeed in this business!

Great tips to remind us that we can’t write in a vaccuum.