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Weekend Away

By on Monday, Feb 20, 2017 in Uncategorized | 2 comments

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I thought I would share with you some fun pics from my weekend away. Last Wednesday afternoon, I turned in a manuscript (yay!), threw a bunch of (mostly mismatched) clothes into my suitcase, then took off in the car with my husband for a long weekend. We weren’t really sure where we were headed. But somehow we eventually committed to driving the 12 hours from Ohio to South Carolina, (where it is spring), to visit family (so joyous)), and enjoy being outside. Now, you have to understand, even though it’s been a mild winter here in northeastern Ohio, “outside” is still a shocking rarity. I still can’t believe I spent most of the weekend outside in the mild temps (mid-60’s), biking, walking, and even reading!

Here are some things that caught my eye…

The pic on the left below is a sea bird standing on a strip of mud and sand. Still a very wintery photo, all silvers and grays.

Next to that is a bronze sculpture called “Out to Lunch.” This young man is eating a sandwich and reading his book outside, which sounds like the perfect way to eat lunch to me!

On the right is a pretty pic of someone’s garden they planted in a shell pot. There was a lavender plant in there as well as some other things I didn’t recognize. But it was pretty! And again, to see growing things in February…amazing!

Lastly, the thing that is so beautiful about the South Carolina Lowcountry is the marshlands, which change color throughout the seasons. Here is my favorite pic from last summer, when the marsh grass is a bright, beautiful green, compared to a pic I took this weekend, when it was a much different color. Different, huh?!

Anyway, getting away is good for the soul. The trip was a bit arduous but since I spent a total of 24 hrs in the car. But since my husband are still on speaking terms, I consider it…a great success :)!

Happy week, everybody!

Shell garden.

“Out to Lunch,” a bronze sculpture in a plaza on Hilton Head Island.

Maybe a heron?



















  1. Violet

    Monday, February 20, 2017

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    Lovely pictures
    Is there a story behind the bronze statue ?

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