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We went for burgers

By on Saturday, Nov 5, 2016 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

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My 19 yr. old is a fan of a local drive-up place where they serve burgers right to your car via a tray they stick in your window. Every time my son comes home from college, he heads there with his friends (usually late at night) and returns telling me in stomach-rumbling detail about the billion-calorie meal he just consumed which was often topped off by a milkshake. (And the car he used usually smells like ketchup for a couple of days afterward.)cheeseburger-34314_1280

Recently, after a rough evening of volunteer work (lol), my friends and I found ourselves starving. So on impulse, we pulled into this place.  We, who rarely eat burgers and even more rarely fries! (When did we stop eating french fries?!) So there we were, four middle-aged moms sitting in a car eating burgers and fries and talking and laughing like we were a carload of teenagers.

The funny thing was, we felt like we were doing something edgy. Out of character. And it felt so good!

We left asking ourselves, why don’t we do this more often? Yes, why don’t we? Work-life balance is always an issue. Everyone is always busy. It was just funny how stopping the merry-go-round enough to do something like eat a cheeseburger with your girlfriends could be so much damn fun.





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