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Tour de Philly

By on Friday, Oct 23, 2015 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

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Liberty Bell Mums

First of all, thanks so much, everybody, for your support of This Love of Mine, which released earlier this month! Really appreciate all the kind comments. And the newsletter sign-ups and Facebook likes.

And just to let you know–I have giveaways going on at Fresh Fiction from now till the end of the year. One click is all it takes for a chance to win a book.

Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to visit my Darling Daughter #1 who recently moved to Philadelphia. I had so much fun discovering this amazing city that I wanted to share some pics.

First, there were these fabulous mums in front of the Liberty Bell. You can’t really see the Liberty Bell (behind the glass doors) in that pic so there it is again (below) with my daughter in front of it. It was my first time seeing it! I was really touched by the inscription on the plaque on the wall outside of it which said “Cracked and silent, yet world famous, the bell reminds us to focus on strengths not weaknesses.” (Love that advice for life in general.)



Darling Daughter and Ms. Liberty.


Chocolate mouse, anyone?

We went to the famous Redding Market, where all kinds of fabulous foods, flowers, and other wares are sold. Anyone for a chocolate rat? Or a fabulous warm pretzel?

Melt-in-your-mouth pretzels from Redding Market

Amazing pretzels from Redding Market











Wow. Just wow.

One of the most fascinating sites–and hard to miss!–was the massive, iconic City hall building, built beginning in the 1870’s. It has a 27-ton stature of William Penn, the city founder, at the top. We took an elevator to the top of the tower and saw Mr. Penn’s giant arm! It was awe-inspiring.IMG_3700

The best part of the trip, of course, was being with my adult child, of whom I couldn’t be more proud.


We’ll take our blessings any way we can find ’em!



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