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Summer Recap

By on Saturday, Aug 20, 2016 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

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It’s been a terrific summer, but there are signs that it’s coming to an end. Kids are heading back to school and my grocery store is already selling everything with pumpkin in it and making orange, yellow, and brown icing for the cakes. (Not complaining–I love pumpkin!)

IMG_4567Summer started officially with my daughter graduating from college. It ended last weekend when we moved her into her tiny apartment in Chicago for grad school. In the pic, you can see my son photobombing. And also note the necklace, which my older daughter bought her–it’s the state of Illinois, but with Ohio inside it. This gift was a huge hit!

The cicadas came and went, as this was year 17 of their cycle, so IMG_5345they crawled out of the ground to be very noisy and fly around everywhere. They went back underground in July, but left behind brown leaves at branch tips, something I learned is called “flagging,” caused by them piercing the branches to lay their eggs.

I got to go to the Romance Writers of America conference in San Diego. Here’s me at the Montlake book signing with my friend, fellow author Sandra Owens, holding her newest book (which is sensational, by the way).IMG_5123

We went shopping in San Diego and I was struck by this display of Mexican Talavera pottery–so colorful and pretty.IMG_5078

We spent a brief time in the South Carolina Lowcountry, one of my favorite places anywhere. Those puffy little clouds look like popcorn!IMG_5397

And lastly, this is what happens on a ride on a boat called the Bad Kitty. (I swear, liquor was not involved.)

Hope you enjoy every drop of the rest of your summer!


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