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SEP’s Character Description–Why I Think It Works

By on Saturday, Mar 5, 2011 in Craft | 0 comments

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The reason I think this description (see post from earlier today) is so fantastic is that SEP describes our hero not by looks alone but by his looks as they relate to his personality.
–The heroine assumes there is something about him that proclaims he was not born into blue blood–but had a rough past.
–His hair color is the color of brown between a glass of Bud and a leather portfolio–he’s surrounded by leather in his office, the glass of Bud she can picture him enjoying
–The other comments pertain to the obvious level of success he’s attained, the hard work he does and his passion for it.

A description like this would never be possible on a first draft (at least for me).  You really have to know your character spot on to do such a concise description like this!