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My Crazy GH Call Story

By on Friday, Apr 5, 2013 in Uncategorized | 8 comments

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Well, I thought I’d share my Golden Heart®  call story from last week. As you all know, The Romance Writers of America calls all of its unpublished manuscript finalists in its annual Golden Heart® contest every year on a designated day.     

I was picking up my 16-year old son’s friend to take them both to volleyball practice when the letters “NE” popped up on my cell. All I could think of was, if this is some weird telemarketing call coming in from Nebraska, this is a very cruel trick of nature with TERRIBLE timing.

But I didn’t believe it could be RWA calling! How COULD it be, when I’ve entered this contest six–maybe seven?–times, and I had sworn this one would be my last. I’d even determined to go about my day and just be happy for everyone else later. I’d ridden the roller coaster too many times and just couldn’t bear to do it again.

So anyway, it was Cindy Kirk, Harlequin Special Edition author AND an RWA board member, and she told me she had great news. Then she said I was a DOUBLE finalist. I barely heard. I just started bawling, right there in the driveway in front of these teenage boys. And I could not stop.

I told my son I just couldn’t drive, that he better drive until I calm down. I figured even a teenage driver with his temporary permit was better than a hysterical crying woman. So a few miles later after I did a little, he said, “Mom, just thought you should know, I don’t have my temps with me.”So somehow I managed to calm down enough to drive the rest of the way.

 After all, I wouldn’t want the GH to be responsible for him not getting his real license!

So anyway, it’s been a crazy week. I’m getting to know all my fellow finalists, there are pictures to be taken, dresses to be bought, and plans about manuscripts to be considered. And of course, the rest of life’s responsibilites to fulfill.

I am thrilled to be a finalist. I still can’t believe it. But I just don’t want to lose track of the ultimate goal, which is getting published. That means setting the craziness aside every day and making my daily word counts. 

How do you all set craziness aside every day to get your work done? Actually, the past week isn’t dissimilar to the usual craziness of life. There’s just been a bit more of it than usual.

This is a picture from my own yard today. It was very sunny, but still only 50 degrees (that’s northern Ohio for you!). You can see the bare tree branches in the background. I don’t know what these little purple flowers are, but they resemble violets. They looked amazingly vibrant popping out of the grass. Spring is finally, finally almost here, after a very long and cloudy winter. 

Do you see the analogy to my call story? 🙂    

Purple flowers, northern Ohio, early April, 2013 (my pic)