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Loss of an Artistic Genius

By on Saturday, Apr 23, 2016 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

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It’s hard not to think with great sadness about the loss of musical genius Prince this week.

Not long ago he dominated the music world with Michael Jackson and Madonna. He was a prolific creator, at one point told he had too much product to offer. He was rumored at one time to write a song a day, and is known to have a Vault of songs tucked away somewhere that no one has ever heard (yet). He also sang, wrote, produced, and played a litany of instruments, often recording his music one instrument at a time.

He was an original. Carson Daly said on the Today Show that in the 90’s, everyone imitated him, tried to be like him, tried to capture that magic sauce. Freedom was important to him, to be able to create anything he wanted to, and he stood up for that.

He was a musician, and he knew who he was. Original, flamboyant, prolific, joyful, confident. A show master.

Being a writer gives me a small inkling of understanding into the creative process. I don’t understand much about the creation of art, just that it is at times stressful, competitive, and difficult. To be a person who embraces all of that and so clearly knows who he is is a feat few of us master in a lifetime. To unlock that freedom within yourself and not be affected by outside pressures and become a full expression of who you are is…miraculous.

Rest in peace.





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