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Fun with the Rubies Today

By on Tuesday, Sep 27, 2011 in Craft | 0 comments

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Are you polishing up your manuscript for the RWA’s Golden Heart contest?  Pop on over to The Ruby Slippered Sisterhood today to check out the finalists in their First Line contest.  The Rubies (who are the 2009 Golden Heart winners) took 100 first-line entries and voted to choose 11 favorites.  Those 11 will submit the first 250 words of their manuscripts today on the blog (up till midnight tonight).

So does your manuscript begin with description?  Maybe of the setting?  Well, take a look at these lines and they will encourage you to look at your ms again and come up with a snappy, clever first-line hook to draw your reader in. 

Oh, and BTW, I’m one of the finalists! 🙂