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Flash 99¢ Sale Through Thursday Plus Excerpt – Did They or Didn’t They??😉

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Flash 99¢ Sale Through Thursday, Sept. 12th!


Hi Friends,


I wanted to let you know that starting today, Sept. 10th, and going through Thursday, Sept. 12, THE WAY YOU LOVE ME is on sale for just 99¢.


If you like grumpy single dads and spunky heroines, hope you’ll give it a try for this great price! (You can click on image for details.)




Read a fun excerpt of THE WAY YOU LOVE ME


The couple in my upcoming holiday book, Rafe, a hunky, commitment-phobic firefighter, and Kaitlyn, a hardworking and determined coffee shop owner, have been in all 3 Angel Falls books. Well, in THE WAY YOU LOVE ME, SOMETHING happens between these two “best friends” at a wedding, in a cabin, during a blackout…hmmm…You can read an excerpt of THE WAY YOU LOVE ME below to try and figure out the burning question…DID THEY OR DIDN’T THEY?? 😉


And if you can’t wait to find out..you can read the blurb for ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS YOU.


Special Preorder Price for ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS YOU


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You can click on the image below for details.

Fido says, “Hey! Check out my pal Bernie’s book!”


Excerpt of THE WAY YOU LOVE ME – Did They or Didn’t They??


At around two in the morning, Gabby was startled from her half-awake state. She heard voices from outside the door.

“Katie, please. It’s not like that.” It was Rafe.

“Gabby’s probably sleeping,” Kaitlyn said in a hushed voice. “Please go before you wake her up.”

“Don’t be angry with me,” the first voice implored.

“I’d rather you not touch me right now,” Kaitlyn said.

Uh-oh. Did that mean Rafe didtouch her…before?

“I can’t help it those women were texting me,” he said. “I swear I didn’t give them my number. The guys must’ve put them up to it.”

“Admit the truth. You came here for an easy lay. Not to spend time with me. And those floosy girls know it.”

“That’s not true.”

Gabby froze under the covers. She shouldn’t be listening to this, yet part of her could not wait to hear what was next. And for once she had the perfect excuse to eavesdrop—she was literally stuck in place.

“Then why did you keep looking at your phone when we were…you know?”

“Kaitlyn, I’d rather kiss you than look at my phone any day of the week.”

Kissing? They’d beenkissing?

“I don’t believe you.”

“I’m sorry I seemed distracted,” Rafe said. “Look, I care about you a lot. You’re just…”

“I’m just what?”

“You’re just a settling-down type of girl, and I’m…”

“Don’t even finish that sentence, okay? Good night, Rafe.”

Gabby heard the door click and froze in place in her bed. She heard Kaitlyn’s long, drawn-out breath as she latched the chain. Heard her tiptoe to the bathroom and the water running as she brushed her teeth.

A few minutes later Kaitlyn sank into the bed beside her.

“You okay?” Gabby asked.

“No,” Kaitlyn said, her voice sounding muffled and strange.

Gabby clicked on the light. Kaitlyn had clearly been crying, judging by the mascara stains under her eyes and the wad of Kleenex clutched to her chest. She blew her nose loudly before dropping her head back onto the pillow.

“I’m sorry I woke you,” she said.

“I was awake,” Gabby said. “I heard you and Rafe. Is everything all right?”

Her eyes got teary again and she shrugged. “I don’t want to talk about it, if that’s all right.” She blew her nose again. “How about with you? I saw you with your cute professor.” Why did everyone refer to Cade as herprofessor? It reminded her of Professor Bhaer in Little Women, a character she desperately tried to love. But after Laurie, anyone else in the world would be second-rate for Jo.

“Oh sure. Nothing to say. He’s pretty much a straight arrow about not mixing business with pleasure.”

“Is he gay?”

No. Definitely not gay. “Maybe,” she found herself saying, going a little overboard to avoid suspicion. “You sure you don’t want to talk about it?”

About the kissing. And touching. Or lack thereof.

Kaitlyn gave a tired sigh. “I felt like we were getting somewhere. He seemed really into me. We did a slow dance, and I don’t know, I just felt this…electricity. It was powerful, and I could tell he felt it too.” She tossed a skeptical look at Gabby. “I know you don’t believe me, but don’t pity me, okay? This time I learned my lesson.”

“I don’t pity you,” Gabby said softly. Just the opposite. She knew exactlywhat Kaitlyn was talking about. “I just don’t want you to get hurt.”

Tears leaked out of Kaitlyn’s eyes, and Gabby felt at a complete loss for words.

“Look, you’ve got a great brother,” Kaitlyn said. “But he’s an emotional black hole. I mean, he’s so damn charming, and I’d had a few drinks, so he was probably even more charming than usual, and I was at the point where I’d do anything to have him for one night. So we started making out in his cabin, you know? And then…”

“The lights went out?” Gabby offered. She really didn’t want to hear the private details. She was afraidto hear the private details. And as for Rafe, she was going to kill him at the first light of dawn.

“Yes, but we barely noticed that, and things were really fantastic until his phone kept flashing. Not once or twice, but like, continuously. I couldn’t help but notice it with the lights out. Finally I looked at it and it was all texts from women.”

Gabby frowned. “What kind of women?”

“Apparently half the single women at the wedding were trying to hook up with him. And he kept looking at the texts. Honestly, I almost threw the phone at him.”

Gabby believed Rafe when he said Kaitlyn’s friendship was important to him. So he wouldn’t…he didn’t…oh dear. “Rafe would never go out of his way to hurt you.” No, but he could hurt her in a careless, not-really-getting-it Rafe way. But surely he wouldn’t have…slept with her?

Kaitlyn gave a sad shrug. “It’s all right, Gabby. I was hoping he thought of us as something different. Before this weekend, he was acting like that was possible, and when he asked me to take a walk and one thing sort of led to another…Well, I was wrong. I’ve been wrong this whole time.”

“Kaitlyn, did Rafe—did you—I mean…”

She shook her head. “It doesn’t matter.”

“Maybe if you two can talk it out…” Oh, she was not being helpful or consoling. Rafe? Talk it out? She couldn’t picture it. “Forget what I just said. Rafe needs to get his act together, and I’m not sure you—or anyone—can help him do that.”

“I’m done,” Kaitlyn said. “It’s never going to work out between us. I don’t have any more time to wait until he grows up.” She blew her nose again. “And he has problems but I’m not his shrink! I’m not anyone’s shrink. I just want a normal guy without…intimacy issues.”

“Oh honey,” she said, patting Kaitlyn’s back.

“It’s all right, Gabby. I’m sorry. I know Rafe’s your brother, and I don’t want you to think badly of him.”

“Don’t be sorry. I know Rafe has his issues.”

At least Kaitlyn had thought this out before she’d slept with him. If she’d slept with him. Gabby hoped to God she hadn’t.



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