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Everything I Learned About History I Learned from Netflix

By on Saturday, Mar 18, 2017 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

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I’ve been waiting for months to binge watch the rest of the Netflix drama The Crown, the lush, lavish period drama about Queen Elizabeth’s reign. Finally, finally this week I was able to when I was visiting with my oldest daughter.

We began it back in the fall when she was home from grad school on a visit. At that time we made a pledge to wait for each other to finish watching.

I think we snuck an episode or two  in over Christmas, but that was a busy time and I was also on deadline.

So when we got to spend some time together this week, we greeted each other with a “Netflix!” cry and got busy.

I remember hearing stories when I was young, mostly from my mom, about some of the big things–namely, Elizabeth’s coronation being watched on television, King Edward’s abdication for Wallis Simpson, and Princess Margaret’s struggles. But this drama showed up close the incredible circumstance of having a young queen–who was also a mother enter the world stage in the 1950’s when women had barely begun their struggles. And the difficulties of an entire family having to live their lives under a magnifying glass at all times.

Anyway, it got us discussing all this and looking up Wikipedia facts right and left.  Not to mention loving the gorgeous outfits and let’s face it, Claire Foy is luminous. And my favorite part, watching with my daughter, so much fun!

The only melancholy part is saying goodbye to her today, always bittersweet. But great news…Season 2 is coming later this year!

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