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Dear Caffeine, I Miss You

By on Saturday, Jan 16, 2016 in Uncategorized | 4 comments

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In my opinion, there’s nothing better than the hour after you drink a cup of coffee. You’re in love, you’re the most creative being on the planet, life is great!



Even when I was a child, the smell of coffee brought great memories. My parents used to drink coffee together over breakfast on the weekends and they used to pour me some, too. Mostly milk, but nevertheless I learned early that it was a beverage of love and companionship. And for adults. Cool beans.


As an adult, when I worked night shifts, the omnipresent coffee, burnt and acidy as it was, was a great comfort. Maybe not many others were awake, but you and me, coffee, together we could make it through till morning.09_16_62_prev


Then there’s the indescribable pleasure of driving through McDonald’s on a sweltering day and ordering an ice cold Diet Coke. Nothing like it in the world. It tastes ten thousand times better than the kind you pour at home. Period.


My dear migraine specialist tells me the only carbonated cola I can now consume is Diet Rite caffeine free cola which contains Splenda not Nutrasweet, which is known in some people with migraines (i.e., me) to cause headaches. It’s not bad, but it’s not Diet Coke, that’s for sure.09_06_2_prev


I was in denial for years, but at last my love affair with caffeine had to end. It was was so, so seductive and attractive, but very, very bad for me. It gave me headaches that went on for days. It took all the strength I had, but I had to clean up my pantry and my life.


Not that it’s been easy. I’m still known to have a stash of Ghirardelli milk and caramel squares locked away in my bottom desk drawer for times of emergency (i.e., edits from hell). I’ve even been known to take migraine medicine for a headache then say, what the heck, I’ve got one anyway, and chase it with a piece of chocolate. (I don’t recommend this, but hey, desperate times…)


Migraines are a pain (lol) and the dietary restrictions are too, but I’ve learned to adapt. White chocolate ain’t bad. The barista at my local Starbucks works hard not to roll her eyes when I come in—the “tall decaf” lady—adventurous, woo hoo. wise_quotes_252Cinspirational_quotes_252Cfunny_quotes_252Clife_quotes_252Clove_quotes__252830_2529_large


And I comfort myself by knowing that my favorite food in the world, ice cream, is still fair game.

Thank God I’m not lactose intolerant.


  1. Amanda Uhl

    Saturday, January 16, 2016

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    You are a stronger woman than I Miranda! For me it is tea though. Never been a coffee drinker since the time my mother was feeling adventurous and served me and my sister coffee-cocoa for breakfast. Ugh

  2. Tammy Baumann

    Saturday, January 16, 2016

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    I feel your pain! I’m almost weened from Diet Dr. Pepper. I still have my morning hit, but that’s it. Soon, I’ll have to give that up too, but I need my baby steps. :0) (Oh, and the ONLY thing good about menopause for me was that my migraines stopped. I hope the lack of caffeine helps yours!)

    • Miranda Liasson

      Saturday, January 16, 2016

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      Hi Tammy! I’m so glad yours are gone. I do miss my morning hit. Being creative on decaf is so hard 😉 Thanks for stopping!

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