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Two people overcome past heartbreaks in Liasson’s fast-paced second Blossom Glen novel.

Juliet Montgomery absolutely loves her small town of Blossom Glen, Indiana, and everyone loves her. Except for the fact that she’s a couples counselor who suffered a very public breakup that no one can forget. And now her boss asks her to take a step back…which is exactly when the town’s good-lookin’ and unusually gruff mayor offers her an unexpected job.

Jack Monroe absolutely loves being the mayor of his small town. Except when he actually has to talk to people. Can’t he just fix the community problems in peace? Like right now, he’s mediating the silliest dispute two neighbors could possibly have. When the town sweetheart steps up and solves everyone’s problems in five minutes flat, Jack realizes what this town really needs…is a therapist.

Juliet is able to soothe anyone—other than the surly mayor, it seems. But there’s a reason they say opposites attract, because all of their verbal sparring leads to some serious attraction. Only, just like with fireworks, the view might appear beautiful—but she’s already had one public explosion that’s nearly ruined everything…how can she risk her heart again?

Each book in the Blossom Glen series is STANDALONE:
* The Sweetheart Deal
* The Sweetheart Fix

About THE SWEETHEART FIX in 60 Seconds or Less!

What the Critics are Saying…

“A fresh rom-com with small-town charm and sparkling main characters.”

Kirkus Reviews

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“The sensitive, emotional characters capably carry the swiftly moving plot while witty banter keeps things light and sweet.”

Publishers Weekly

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The Sweetheart Fix Fits into These Romance Categories

  • Small Town & Rural Fiction
  • Contemporary Romance
  • Clean & Wholesome Romance
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