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Estranged friends reunite only to realize they’re something more, in this next installment in the Blossom Glen series from bestselling author Miranda Liasson.

 Photographer Viv Montgomery’s dreams were bigger than her small hometown of Blossom Glen. Following them meant leaving everything and everyone behind—including her sweet and funny best friend, Logan Matthews. Now, twelve years later, the town’s “sweetheart” is back, broke, and…well, working in the town’s famous Christmas store until she figures out her next move.

Enter her former best friend who she hasn’t seen or talked to in years. Only the cute, funny guy she remembers is gone—replaced by a famous, bestselling author who seems aloof, jaded, and is much, much hotter than any book nerd she’s ever seen. Seeing him in the news is one thing, but up close and person? Whewf, it’s warm in here.

Now he’s offered her a job she desperately needs (blissfully free of Santas), and suddenly it’s like no time has passed at all. Their friendship is just like it was…with one very unexpected difference. Because somewhere between the blossom festival and snuggling in front of a crackling fire, their friendship is definitely turning into some more. Only, Logan’s been hiding the secret of his enormous success…and the sweetheart of Blossom Glen is about to read all about it.

Each book in the Blossom Glen series is a STANDALONE, but can best be enjoyed in order:





~What Readers Are Saying~




A sweetheart of a book” ~ Goodreads Reviewer

Great characters and small town charm add to this delightful story~ Goodreads Reviewer

Oh my goodness!! This book was such a pure delight!! ~ Lindsey C.

“A lovely wrap to the series, if you are looking for a heartwarming, feel good and lighthearted small town romance, this series has you covered.” -The Bookish Dachshund


“An emotional second-chance story with strong family and community connections, that has love and forgiveness at its heart.” ~Elizabeth B, NetGalley


I absolutely LOVED this story. The friends to enemies to lover’s trope is nailed by the author. ~Wilfrieda S.

Although it’s not a holiday story, it gives that Christmas feeling you want all year long. ~Kathleen O, NetGalley

Wonderful, warm characters with real emotions make this a book you do not want to put down.~Linda,

There is so much humor and heart throughout the whole book that I just really enjoyed reading it. Every evening when I would start to read it just felt like coming home to friends.~Lesley L, Goodreads

The Sweetheart Crush Fits into These Romance Categories

  • Women’s Fiction
  • Small Town & Rural Fiction
  • Contemporary Romance
  • Clean & Wholesome Romance