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Miranda Liasson presents an irresistibly heartwarming romance perfect for fans of Brenda Novak, Lori Wilde, and Jenny Hale!

Summertime in a small seaside town brings one woman an unexpected second chance with the first man to melt her heart . . . 

 After spending the last few years beating cancer, author Darla Manning is ready for a fresh start—she’s already got a new teaching position in California for the fall. But first, she has some loose ends to tie up over the summer, like finishing her latest novel and selling her oceanfront home. Darla doesn’t expect her ex-husband, contractor Nick Cammareri, to top her list of unfinished business. He was only supposed to do a few quick renovation jobs around the house, not temporarily move in and stir up feelings she thought were long gone.

            While Darla tries to focus on making the most of her last Seashell Harbor summer, she can’t help noticing how much Nick has changed. Her immature-but-seriously-cute high school sweetheart is now a motivated-and-seriously-sexy man who’s earning his MBA and running the family business. Plus, he seems determined to make her remember how—and why—they first fell in love. Darla believed moving on meant moving away, but could her hometown hold the key to a new beginning for her . . . with Nick?

The Summer of Second Chances Fits into These Romance Categories

  • Women’s Fiction
  • Small Town & Rural Fiction
  • Contemporary Romance
  • Clean & Wholesome Romance